Our Mission:


Welcome to CORIPHERY!
We believe in the transformative powers of curiosity and human empathy to
influence innovative solutions and accelerate social impact. Every day we embolden leaders to build capacity by viewing challenges as opportunities for
growth and agency as they create meaning for others.
We firmly believe that to thrive, we must challenge the status quo.

Our approach features 2 superpowers:
Audacious Authenticity - our strategy to frame and sustain priorities and aspirations.
Respectful Disruption - our strategy to honour those impacted by change.



Change is hard, even for the most eager of visionaries.
With 20+ years of experience in the field assisting organizations in building culture,
developing leaders and uncovering new opportunities, we offer plenty of best practices, strategies and effective methodologies. With us, it is fun to explore powerful organizational possibility.
Boldly advance your vision, chart a strong course and challenge the status quo with us!


Our Solutions


STRATEGIC DESIGN & PLANNING: You have a vision and your organization seems poised for some kind of a change. We can help you identify the next steps in clarifying what that change is, how it will be best introduced and measured, as well as how to ensure this is all going to be worth it. We can help you set the best course!

NEXT GENERATION ENGAGEMENT: “How do we reach the young people?” Generations X, Y & Z are no longer the future; they’re becoming the now, and their behaviours are stumping even the hippest of current organizational leadership. We speak NextGen and can help you do it too!

FACILITATION & FACULTY: You have the right people together; you have outcomes in mind and now you are seeking a relevant, energized and transformative learning experience that will get you and your team to the next level. We offer meaningful learning!

STRATEGIC THOUGHT PARTNERSHIP: You have a big task, a big idea, a big opportunity; you have limited resources or minimal employee bandwidth to map out your next steps. We can help you break down the process necessary to bring your next big thing to life!


Our Impact

Attentive customer service and customized solutions, combined with holistic, interdisciplinary methods based on cutting-edge research, offer clients fresh and sustainable results for strategic growth and professional development and performance.  


Leaders trained

Leadership development programs, cohort experiences, seminars and workshops have been designed and curated for hundreds of young, emerging and adult volunteer & professional leaders. On-site training sessions are based on customized curricula and learning outcomes.



initiatives in pluralism

Pluralism is as complicated as it is appealing. Inclusive experiences have been successfully crafted to satisfy varying touch points and degrees of knowledge in a variety of settings, offering accessible, intentional, nuanced and authentic encounters.   




High performing teams of professionals who see themselves as catalysts within the organization are cultivated, enriched and further driven to deepen impact through an intentional crafted vision and methodology and roadmap.


Our Style

We like to challenge the status quo in pursuit of excellence. What does this look like? Careful, compassionate and intentional consideration to the existing realities of our clients and their stakeholders, balanced with their expectations and aspirations. Our creative consulting delivers customized designs that feature an integrated approach, allowing us to leverage best practices and leading methodologies - including Adaptive Leadership, Design Thinking and Social Entrepreneurship - across various fields to maximize insight and impact. Our work enables clients to boldly advance their vision and simplify growth processes in the community, social impact, education and not-for-profit sectors. Learn More


Word on the Street

"Tamara at CORIPHERY brings an immense amount of energy, heart, knowledge and positive change to any project. Working with her on a project, tackling a problem, developing curriculum, or envisioning a strategy means working with a consummate professional who provides informed guidance, ideas brimming with ingenuity and support. She leads with compassion, integrity & innovative forward thinking. When Tamara facilitates a meeting, educational program or lesson, you know it will be engaging, relevant, humorous and deeply thought provoking."

Ashira Prizant, Director, Queen’s University Hillel