Our Solutions


Strategic growth

We love a good challenge!  We can design an effective path for strategic planning whether you're considering a change in direction, curating a new environment or scaling successful ideas.


Professional guidance

Mentorship & coaching are critical at any state of one's career.  We offer individualized guidance and direction to junior, mid-career and senior professionals in the education and not-for-profit social sectors.



education and training

Knowledge is power, and learning is empowering.  We take pride in the effectiveness of our curriculum development, skills-building workshops, train the trainer models and resource creation.                                                                                                                           

Authentic Relationship-building

We train the trainer, educate the educator and professionalize the professional.  We offer guidance in persuasive stakeholder engagement, so that your organization can efficiently reach the key players and best manage involvement, transformation and progress.

Professional Development & Training Services:

* Coaching
* Keynote presentations
* Mentorship
* Workshop facilitation



organizational change functions:

* Community Building
* Culture Change
* Curriculum Design
* Design Thinking
* Experiential Education
* Generation/age-cohort & niche population participation
* Grassroots Engagement
* Leadership Development
* Millennial Engagement
* Professional Development
* Program Design
* Project Supervision
* Scalability
* Social Entrepreneurship
* Vision building
* Volunteer Empowerment, Engagement and Management
* Youth/young Leadership