Our Mission

We have identified a significant need for nuanced strategic thought around the intersection of innovation and legacy within nonprofit, education, social impact and faith-based organizations. There is an understandable tension between mindsets that favour “the way it’s always been” and those that advocate for change. At CORIPHERY, we don’t believe that either of those binaries are productive in the pursuit of organizational wellness and growth. We seek to address a growing industry niche that identifies and safeguards core elements of the legacy institution while thoughtfully identifying new approaches based on research that indicate positive results for the organization. Our process re-prioritizes priorities, dives deep into ‘organizational self-awareness’ and trains professionals to be intrapreneurs, whose mission is to drive change from within in a way that is aligned with the organization. Finally, we strive to advance professional standards and practices common in the private, not-for-profit and broader public sectors.


Word on the street

“We loved working with Tamara at CORIPHERY. She quickly assessed our needs by asking succinct and sharp questions; she approached the consultation work armed with research and fresh perspectives and provided us with creative solutions for the strategic challenge we were seeking to address.”

Shuki Taylor, CEO, M2: The Institute for Experiential Jewish Education