Our Impact

We take the best of pedagogy, identity formation and community development practices that are often used in the Jewish community. Inspired by design thinking and experiential education methodology, we blend our passion for these transformative principles with grassroots community building practices. This unique interdisciplinary approach helps organizations identify and advance their value propositions. 


Our Philosophy

From the core to the periphery of any challenge lies an exciting opportunity for innovation. We understand that the whole of every issue is impacted by its many interconnected parts. This is why our approach is rooted in a holistic mindset that considers complete systems and advocates for organizational wellness.


Examples of what we do:


Strategic scalability

Your learning enrichment idea is compelling, you have  gained insights based on a pilot model, you are inspired by preliminary results. There are many directions in which this can go. Now what?

community design

Some problems cannot seem to be solved and you cannot bear to consider re-inventing the wheel again.  Thinking & designing with a nuanced and persuasive paradigm makes a big difference.


volunteer empowerment

From altruistic interest to employee participation, streamlining volunteer efforts with organizational goals can be challenging. Enjoy a gratifying and reciprocal relationship.